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A dark, 3D, single player, action adventure COMPUTER video game.


Featuring compositions from Nocturnes For Nightmares as a musical backdrop.

September 2017

My video series, Sound Sorcery, is part of Third Side Network, where I discuss, review, and analyze interesting, electic, and non-mainstream music.  Click to watch and subscribe.




My newest work, ?, is now available on  It is the first part of a three part movement, Melancholia.  Each subsequent movement will be released one month apart from one another.


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Sound Sorcery, Episode #9, has been released on the Equinox of September.  On this episode, I cover Sinfonie Sinistre, an album of vintage Electronic Music composed by Maestro Peter H. Gilmore.  


Visit my YouTube channel for all other episodes of the series, where I review and analyze albums and works from musicians and composers of a wide variety of genres that I find to be peculiar, interesting, and unique.


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Bringing Sex, Satan, and Rock n' Roll into the 21st century.  Visit our official website to stay updated  and get aboard the Nightmare Train!

October 2017


Sex-Satan-Baroque-N-Roll-cover a3078304130_10

EPISODE #9  9.22.2017